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Checklist for organising a christening party for family

If you would like your child to be brought up as a Christian, than christening is a first step towards it.

During Christening your child will be baptized with water. It is the start of an amazing journey of faith for your child and a special day for all your friends and family.


Here is the check list for organising a christening party

  1. Selecting godparents– The first thing that the parents do is select godparents for their child and ask them to become spiritual guardians for their little one. Once they confirm it, you can start planning for the christening party. You can consult them on aspects of party planning, or even they may host the party. At the party, one godparent, or both should give a brief toast in a family owner.
  2. Co coordinate with the church– Contact your priest or minister of church’s office to schedule the ceremony, and also ask whether the family have to take a class before having your child baptized. Then find out the dates and hours to arrange the party accordingly.
  3. Choose suitable venue– Traditional venues for christening party are either family home or the local restaurant. Decide the christening venue for your ceremony– whether small, big or a formal reception. Depending on the guests choose the banquet hall, garden or a private hall.

If there are lot of kids among the guests plan a menu that they like. Time and place is vital to decide for the next step, if you want any dress code and while sending formal invitation to the guests.

  1. Give a proper invitation– Christening invitations should be printed, designed or handmade. It should be send to guests 3 to 4 weeks before the party. It is advisable to do a follow-up with the guests via telephone or email and take their confirmation, so you will get an idea about the number of guests actually attending the party. Include details in invitation such as time, location and landmark. You can also a print a map on the back of invitation for those who are not aware of the address. If you’re looking for the best function venue in Melbourne to host your next event then you should definitely consider the Harbour Kitchen.
  2. Selection of outfits- Select special attire for the “lightening star” of the family. The child will be the cynosure for everyone, so he or she should look best of all. Clothes can be purchased or custom designed, but remember to make the child wear the dress as per comfort. If you are having a theme party then inform the guests with invitations and make your dress ready too.
  3. Respect family traditions– Since Christening is a time for honouring family, and its faith tradition, follow the tradition it would be a meaningful gesture for everyone. It may be your family prayer or a song. It is also good time to present a gift which is being handed over by previous generation to the next one. This also involves booking in the perfect private home catering company for your food and beverages to be taken care of. They are one of the most popular caterers in the Heidelberg.


  1. Gifts- if you do not want to accept gifts, print in the invitation itself that no gifts please only blessings will be accepted.
  2. Create memories through pictures– When you take pictures, you are creating memories. Baptism is one of the most important celebrations in your baby life, record and capture all the beautiful moments in the camera.

This occasion is important and sacred, your child and you will remember this ceremony for years. With this checklist as a guide, you will be able to plan your party comfortably and even can give time to your beloved ones!